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Types of Business Phone Systems

There are many different types of phone systems for businesses. Check out our quick business phone system guide below to help you determine the right phone system for your needs.

VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP systems, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, bypasses traditional phone lines and sends calls over the Internet. You can use the same phone line anywhere in the world. VOIP phone systems are becoming more and more popular every day due to their flexibility and their low cost compared to other phone systems. They are an excellent choice for companies of all sizes and number of locations.

PBX Phone Systems

PBX systems, which stands for Private Branch Exchange Systems, is the most advanced phone system available. PBX systems are ideal for larger companies as they have many great features. Some of the downsides of P.B.X. systems are that they are more expensive than the other phone systems and they require installation from a telecom provider.

Keyless Phone Systems

Keyless systems, also known as KSU-less systems, are the least expensive option for your business. The main downsides of keyless systems are that they cannot be upgraded and they are typically limited to 2-4 lines.

Key Systems

Key Systems, also known as KSU machines, are the most basic type of phone system available. You have multiple line support as well as other basic features. Advantages of key phone systems is that they can be upgraded and they are relatively inexpensive.

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